I have a kenmore washer model number 11022442100 during the last spin cycle it wont spin, Sometimes if I turn the basket by hand it will start spinning. What part or parts need to be replaced if any?


2 answers

  1. If you have to give the basket a push to get a spin then I suspect the basket drive and clutch need to be repaired. The parts would cost about $150 dollars for both. On a do-it-yourself scale of 1 (easy) to 10 (difficult) this repair would be about an 8. For this repair I would suggest a technician do the repair.

  2. Hi there, patriciafadaol! Thanks for posting that model number-it will be very helpful for our Appliance Experts to come up with the correct answer for you. Check back soon for a reply-an Expert will be back with a solution for you.

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