I have a KitchenAide side by side Refrigerator model # KSRS25IKSS01. The ice cube maker doesn’t work, if water is put it, it doesn’t discharge cubes into container. What is wrong?

Is the problem in the circut at side of the ice cute maker, or must the entire ice maker be replaced, or something else?


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  1. This was really helpful.

  2. If the icemaker will not harvest the ice in the mold, it could be due to the temperature in the freezer being too warm (above 12 degrees), it could be the optic boards or a failed icemaker. To check the temperature, place a thermometer between some packages. If it is too warm usually adjusting the control to a colder setting will correct this. If the temperature is ok, check the blinking led light. It should blink twice pause and blink twice again and continue with this pattern as long as the door is open. Now, press and hold the small flapper door in and the blinking led should change to solid. If it does not do this, the boards will need to be replaced. If the led does work ok, then it would indicate the icemaker has probably failed. I hope this will help you. If you would like to have a technician check this, you can call 1-800-469-4663 to schedule a tech to come out.

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      Thanks Scott. The temperature in the freezer in fine, it keeps products frozen and I am able to make ice cubes in trays. I will have my wonderful husband read your answer and then decide if with want to fix the ice maker or at some point purchase a new appilance. I have been making ice cubes for a while now and although it was more convient to have them ready made there are far worse situations then having to make ice cubes manually.

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      Scott, I think you mean the light by the "on/off" ice maker switch. There is no light burning at all. Does this mean it is the "optic board" that needs replacing? Thanks again.

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      twokittys4u, yes you are correct, this is the light by the on/off switch. If it's not on at all, it indicates the optic boards # 4389102 have failed and will need to be replaced. This will be a kit that contains both boards. I hope this helps you.

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      Again, Scott, thanks for the information. I guess I will add this to my "honey do list" and since it is Valentine's Day I will put it on next Saturdays list. I will give him the weekend off. Happy Valentine's Day to you and all your coworkers at mySEARScommiunity. "take some time to stop and smell the roses"

  3. Hi twokittys4u! Welcome to MySears! I am sure one of the Appliance Experts who help with these kinds of questions on our community can help. Thanks so much for posting your model number-that is extremely useful for the Experts to make the correct assessment of the issue. Check back soon for an answer.

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      Thank you Julie, I have used mySears for appliance repair in the past and when they came to fix my Kenmore washer and it was not cost effective to repair I really appreciated the coupons for a discount on a new appliance. I love my new Kenmore top load HE washer. I read the reviews and watched the product review and have been nothing but Pleased with my purchase. My husband is very mechanical inclined but if you are unable to diagnosis the problem it doesn't help. Thanks again for this service.

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      Keep us posted on how things work out, twokittys4u! It sounds like it is nothing too serious.