I have a Murray snowthrower model 1695539 that only runs in the choke position. As soon as I turn to run it stops running. Any advice? Its only run about 10 to 15 hours


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  1. Hello Lardek,

    I would like to assist you with your snow thrower running difficulties. jdr03210 is correct about draining the fuel and cleaning the fuel system out. You will want to wear gloves and goggles while doing this. Make sure that the spark plug wire is unhooked and then drain the fuel from the gas tank. On the side of the engine, opposite of the muffler, you will be able to look up under the plastic shroud and see the bottom of the float bowl on the carburetor. After you have drained the fuel from the tank into a suitable container, carefully remove the bolt that is off-center into the container and properly discard of it. Put everything back together and be sure to use a new and clean fuel can and then refill the snow thrower with fresh gas. This should get you going!

    Jerry C

  2. Your carb is probably gummed up. Drain the gas, go buy some new stuff, ad some sea foam and run it for a while (even with the choke on). That should clean it out.

  3. Hi lardek! Welcome to MySears! I am sure you were getting that snow thrower out this week to help move some of the big snow from the storm that came through! One of our Lawn and Garden Experts should be able to help troubleshoot this for you. Please check back on this thread in a bit for a couple of suggestions to get your snow thrower working again.