I have a new 247288811 riding mower, purchased 1 march 2013. It ran one time now it surges.

New fuel, used 1 qt sears 4 cycle fuel. It started surging an snow it barely runs. Surges and stalls. It’s useless!


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    Here is an excerpt from the Owner's Manual diagnostic suggestions, for an engine running erratically.

    1.Deactivate the CHOKE.
    2.Connect spark plug wire(s).
    3.Replace the fuel line; fill tank with clean,fresh gasoline and replace fuel filter.
    4.Clear vent or replace cap if damaged.
    5.Drain fuel tank. Refill with clean, fresh gasoline.
    6.Replace air cleaner paper element or clean foam pre-cleaner, if equipped

    Hopefully, one of them will work for you.

    Good luck.

  1. When the engine surges it is usually because the governor is worn and needs readjusting or the carburetor is not feeding fuel to the engine properly. To determine which part is malfunctioning there is a simple test. Hold the throttle linkage on the carburetor with your hand. If you can stop the surging by holding the throttle linkage the problem is in the carburetor. If the governor is worn you won't be able to hold the throttle linkage. Since the tractor is new I suspect the carburetor or fuel flow is the problem even though you used new gas. Being a new unit you may want to go ahead and schedule service.

  2. I meant to say it barely runs after one use. Started surging then but I finishe d mowing. Yesterday 27 April it surged, stalled surged stalled. Fresh fuel is being used with stabilizer. Still a piece of junk.

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