I have a new Kenmore refridgerator that roars sometimes when it runs. It does not have an icemaker. Does anyone have any idea why it would do this?


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  1. For the most accurate and complete answer please reply with a model number. The main suspects would be air movement, dampner motor or compressor. If the noise only last a short time I suspect the dampner motor. If the noise continues while the unit is running then the fans or compressor may be the cause of the noise. Please rely with a model number for a more detailed answer. If there seem to be any cooling problems or the noise is so loud it botheres you then call and schedule a service call.

  2. Hi doll98,

    Welcome to the MySears Community we hare happy to have you with us.

    I am sorry to hear that your refrigerator is acting up with a roaring sound. We would be happy to help you with this issue.

    To provide you with more detailed information on what could be causing this issue I am going to have a Sears Appliance Expert help you further.

    Please check back for a reply!

    Thank you!

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