I have a pro performance 585 and the tread on the treadmill has slipped to the right side and is rubbing and I want to know how to fix it.


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    Your treadmill came with a hex-key/ Allen wrench tool that is used to tension the left and right side of the treadmill track.

    From the description you've posted, your treadmill's track has unequal tension on one of its sides.

    Tighten the opposing side until the belt is running in the center again.

    If the belt has slipped too far to the right to allow the tread to turn, while making the equalization adjustments, you may have to loosen the tension on both sides of the tread until the belt can be slid back into the middle and both sides retensioned to the point where the belt can be quickly turned on and off to adjust it for consistent middle of the front and rear roller gliding.

    Good luck.

  1. We were answered pretty quickly and provided with instructions on how to fix this issue.

    Look for the allen key holes which are normally by your feet as you stand behind the machine like you are getting on.
    There should be two allen key screws located down by your feet if the deck is down, usually through holes in the plastic guard. If you take allen keys and tighten or loosen either or booth it will make the belt tight and track the belt left or right. do this on low speed and watch as you turn them. one full turn on either should show a result.

    Not knowing the model# to your treadmill, it was also suggested for you to have the manual to also help with any other issues. You cane find them at the ManageMyLife for free. When searching, use the keywords "proform treadmill".

    Please let us know how this works for you and if you have any further questions along the way.

    Thank you! ;)

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