I have a question about a donation from our local sears. Who do I ask?

4 weeks ago a young man in our community was in a motorcycle accident and is now paralyzed. He is 24. He is in rehab now but will becoming home soon and is in need of a new bed. His family has shopped around and sears has the best price and the bed that will accomadate his needs.As you can imagine there financial burden since this accident is unreal. So I wanted to ask if sears could do anything to help,either discount the bed further or donate what they need. Please let me know who to speak to. Thank you


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  1. Hi duke1090! Welcome to MySears. Thanks so much for posting your question. My heart goes out so much to that family-you are so thoughtful to look out for their needs right now. I am sure any effort is appreciated!

    Click here to be directed to the Sears Holdings donation link. The request process is fulfilled entirely online.

    Good Luck!