I have a rechargeble Craftsman mower, 19 inch, model number 247.370480. The first one I bought would not hold a charge, kept taking it back in, they sent it away three times, after the third time they ended up just giving me a new one. This one has been better, but it wasn’t long before it’s advertised charge time of 45 minutes kept dropping and dropping, to about 10. I really regret buying this now. And now the charge won’t last a minute. I assume it needs a new battery. Except I can’t just buy a battery and replace it myself, since it takes special tools to take the top off. So I guess they will have to send it to Dallas to replace the batter (I live in Austin). What will that cost? My guess is more than a cheap gas lawn mower that would last 20 years or more. I know that these Sears’ products are just rebadged Blackand Deckers, but they were very poorly designed and should never have been sold to the public.


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  1. And now I found out it will cost me $216 to replace the battery, which is over half the cost of the mower itself. So much for saving money on fas, spark plugs, etc. And of course it was designed so I couldn't replace the battery myself, as it takes a special tool to take the top off. So every three years I will need to spend $216 on a battery. And the battery's performance drops off significantly after the first year or so. What a poorly designed piece of garbage this mower is! Whta a ripoff! Had I known then what I know now, I NEVER would have bought it!

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    How often and for how long was the mower's battery charged?

    The manual recommended charge time is 14 hours. The supplied charger works in two charging stages.

    And, yes. The manual specifically recommends the battery eventually be replaced through the use of a Sears Service Center. They even take care of "properly disposing" of the old battery.

    If the electric mower is going out on you, chances for a gas mower lasting 20 years are questionable.

    There is keeping the gas "fresh" involved with owning a gas mower.

    The "oil" has to be changed, regularly, like with a car.

    There's an air filter to be occasionally changed.

    And, the gas engine has to be kept clean enough to "stay cool" while using the mower.

    The good news is, unless you purchase an electric start mower, there is NO BATTERY on a gas walk-behind mower!

    Your 247 battery powered mower was made by MTD and not Black & Decker.

    1. I said the battery was going out, not the mower. But I've read enough comments on other forums to know that the battery has a very short life. Plus, unlike other electric mowers that allow you to exchange batteries yourself (Newton), this model was designed to preclude the owner from doing a very basic service job like replacing the batter yourself. I can only imagine how much that will cost to have Sears ship it to Dallas to do something that will yake 5 minutes to do. Like I said, I deeply regret buying this poorly designed mower, thought I was helping out the environment (and spending $400+ to do so), only ended up hurting my own wallet.

    2. And it's not like the battery worked fine for years and then just stopped holding a charge. Every few months it was losing 5 minutes or so of charge time, to the point where it would take me 4 days just to mow my whole lawn, and a small lawn at that (1/4 acre lot), which is absolutely ridiculous. I wish I never bought the poorly designed piece of junk, to be honest, what a disappointment after laying out over $400.

  2. Also, just curious if the first one was a floor model?

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      No it was not, brand new.

  3. That's a model that really needs an up to date Sears Protection Plan to cover the battery after the warranty expires( even if the battery isn't warranted). Hopefully this new generation of rechargeable lithium- ion batteries last longer. Thanks for the input.