I have a Refrigerator model 72132100 Purchased 11/2001. Water is leaking into the refrigerator area. Thought it was a frozen over drain from freezer and removed ice buildup. Is there another cause?


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  1. Hello JoeVancouver. I see that inquisitivemind posted some good advice. There have also been some issues with the ice maker fill tube on the Kenmore refrigerator model 106.72132100. I recommend that you check that area and see if water is leaking or splashing out of that fill tube. There is a sleeve or extension that can be added to that fill tube if necessary in that situation.

  2. Should the full model number be 106.72132100 then the unit was manufactured by Whirlpool.
    I have come across a couple of these with the symptoms you describe and it was due to the unit not being tilted sufficiently towards the rear. This allowed some of the water produced when the evaporator coils defrosted to 'miss' the collection tray.
    I am presuming that you have proved that the drain is completely clear?

    1. In response to inquisitivemind

      How far 'back' is needed? Also, based on other feedback it is possible it comes from the ice maker. May lift the bail so it doesn't work to see if that is the problem
      Thanks for all the help.

    2. In response to inquisitivemind

      There may also be an ice build up behind the rear wall of the freezer compartment due to insufficient tilt and/or a blocked drain. Until this has completely melted you are likely to get ever decreasing quantities of water. The only two ways to be really sure all the ice has gone are to put the machine off until the water stops dripping or remove the rear panel of the freezer compartment and physically examine the area.
      Yes a malfunctioning ice maker could be the problem, on the couple of occasions I increased the 'tilt' icemakers were not fitted.

  3. Hi JoeVanvouver,

    Thank you for posting in the MySears Community!

    Sorry to hear that water is leaking from an unknown source, I hope not to much has leaked out to cause damage to the floor area.

    To help you further I have reached out to one of our Sears Appliance Experts to see if they can help troubleshoot what might be causing this issue.

    Please check back for a reply to see if they can help in resolving this issue or if MyBlueCrewGuyinMA has a few more options for you to check.

    Thank you!

  4. Can you provide the rest of the model number? There should be three digits, a period, then eight digits. The whole number will make it easier to determine which model you have. Thanks. :)