i have a Roper brand log splitter with a 5hp craftsman motor on it. It is a model W5992BR. The key for the flywheel broke and I havent been able to find a replacement. Any help would be appreciated.



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  1. Chinskip21: Without an engine model number I will not be able to provide a part number of the flywheel key. Any small engine repair and parts supplier in your area will most likely have an assortment of flywheel keys. Take the flywheel with you and then they will likely have a flywheel key to fit.

  2. Chinskip21; If you would reply with the model number of the engine I can likely find the part number of the flywheel key.

    1. In response to SHC-JoeyS

      I have searched for a model number on the engine but have been unable to locate a model number or a plate with any info on it other than on the splitter itself. Those numbers are model number W5592BR and serial number 2601BC1320.

  3. Hi there, chinskip21! Welcome to MySears! This is a good question! I am going to pass it along to the Lawn and Garden Experts to see if they can lead you in the direction of a replacement key for that flywheel.

    An expert is going to respond here in just a bit. Once he does, I'll let you know via email so you can view his answer.