I have a screw that is star point with 6 points and also has a dot in the middle anyone know what kind of screw that is called?

Screw has 6 points on it and a dot in the middle of it


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  1. Also known as the Tamper-proof Torx fastener. Used to hinder entrance into some electronics; it may be there to protect you. Also used to deny the warrantee because most people will break it instead of finding the proper bit to remove.

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    Worst than a simple Torx screw. You have a "Security" Torx screw!

    Oh, man. The regular Torx screwdrivers or bits won't work with that metal post in the middle of the Torx pattern.

    You're going to need a Torx driver bit, with a hole in the end of it for the security Torx's middle post to enter.

    Sears sells a set of 1/4 inch hex Security Torx bits that will fit in a standard hex-bit driver handle that should work for you.

    What are you trying to open, that contains these limited access fasteners?

  2. I believe you are referring to a 'torx' head screw.
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