I have a sears 9.9 gamefisher outboard motor and need mechanical advice

Gear box and impeller are intact but motor still will not pump water


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  1. There is a spacer sleever part number 26309 I suspect is the part that blocked the outlet but this part shows to be No Longer Available. There is also an o-ring but from the description you give I do not think the o-ring is large enough to cause the problem you indicate.

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      Thank you for the info. Sometimes a mercury dealer may have that part around.
      thanks again John O.

  2. Thank you for your question. The summer is no time to be having a outboard problem with your boat. I am surprised you say the impeller is intact. You do not mention is any water is circulated or it no water at all is circulated. The usual suspect would be the impeller. Does the drive shaft appear to be in good shape. If you have checked the impeller then likely you have removed the lower unit exposing the drive shaft. If the impeller and seal are okay and the gear box is okay then the problem may be with the drive shaft. You seem to be an advanced do-it-yourselfer but if the problem is not the impeller or gearbox then I suggest a mechanic check and repair the problem.

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      The motor starts, shifts F-N-R , you can feel water entering the intake. At the time of the problem I found a thick gasket type material blocking the exit port. I tried to reseat this but it would not. The water jacket is such a small area,( you can stick your index finger in to the 1st joint.) I had no choise but to pull and scrape this material out . Do you think this is some sort of sleeve or bushing? Since I have had no luck. still not pumping. Any ideas?
      John o

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      Thank you, I will check again.
      John O.