I have a Sears garage door opener in a home that we just purchased. The previous owner claims all was working when they moved out. Wall unit will open and shut door as well as the keyless unit installed on the outside of garage. The two remotes will not work and a new remote recently purchased will not work. new batteries were installd in the two existing remotes. Followed the directions in manual but they will still not work. “Help” Thank you.


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  1. check codes on dip switchs in main unit and remote

  2. Hi jscala, I believe you will need to start over, this in in the interest of safety and security for you. I recommend you erase all codes and reprogram.
    To Erase All Codes From Motor
    Unit Memory

    To deactivate any unwanted remote, first erase all
    Press and hold the learn button on motor unit until the learn indicator light goes out (approximately 6 seconds). All previous codes are now erased. Reprogram each remote or keyless entry you wish to use.

    You indicated you have the Owners Manual so use the instructions located on page 35 and 36 usually about reprogramming and adding remotes after erasing all the codes stored in the control board.


    1. In response to SHC-BillW

      I will give it try. Thanks.

  3. Hi jscala,

    Thank you for posting your question with us today!

    Do you by any chance know the model number? This may be of some help to our Experts in providing troubleshooting tips on this specific product.

    Once one of our Experts responds I will be reaching out via email to re-direct you back to your thread for further contact.

    Thank you!

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      Craftsman, 1/2 HP. Model # 139.53991. Thank you for your assistance.

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