I have a Sears washing machine is draining, but not spinning. The manual says check the fuse. This is of the house, or is there a fuse on the washer itself?


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  1. Hi ocicat, The answer to the question you poised is not easy to answer. If the washer is not spinning but it is draining that elminated all direct drive washers. Some of the front loaders have a fuse and some of the modern high efficiency top loades have fuses. If you would be so kink as to post me the model number off the model label, I will give you a more specific answer to help you with the problem. the house fuse would totally stop the washer from doing any action so it sounds like the home fuse is good. You may want the have a Sears Home Services technician out to troubleshoot the problem and sole if quickly. Here is that link,


  2. Hi ocicat! Thanks for your question today! Can you please post the model number of your washer? That will allow the Appliance Experts the chance to not only answer your inquiry regarding the fuse, but maybe a a few more tips to help you repair that washer.

    Check back soon for a reply from an Expert soon.