I have a sears YT4000 riding mover I bought in the fall of 2011 that I just discovered that I left the ignition on when I last used it about three weeks ago. The battery was dead but even worse, my hour meter shows about 60 more hours on it than it actually has. How do I fit this????


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  1. Hillman-mike: I would suggest the same thing as Adam O recommended and that is to just start the tractor and let it run at full RPM for a hour to see if the battery will take a charge. If it does not then you will need to replace the battery.
    About the hour meter. I am sorry but there is no way to set it back the 60 hours it ran before the battery when dead. As Adam suggested you could make a note that the engine has not run those 60 hours and take up from there.

    You could replace the hour meter but then it would start at 0 hrs.

    Sam A.

  2. Oh boy, hillman-mike! So sorry to hear about this! I have sent your question on to the Lawn and Garden experts on the site to see if they have any advice. Check back soon for a reply!

      • San Jose, CA

    You can jump start the mower with a conventional 12 volt car battery and set of cables or do a trickle-charge of the mower battery while still in the mower.

    A piece of tape reading -60 would be good to have next to your hours meter, too.

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