I have a two Craftsman Garage Door Openers with battery back-up. For some reason the light sensors on either will not work. They have worked in the past. Anyone know how to fix this problem?


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  1. Thank you for the model number. The light should turn on when someone walks in front of the wall mounted door control. The unit is capable of detecting motion and heat though the heat sensing feature can be affected by high temperatures in the garage. The feature can be turned on and off with the light control on the left hand side of the wall control. If the feature is turned on and the light works when the door is open then failing to light when you walk past it would indicate a motion sensor failure. This should be checked by a technician.

  2. Hello ThorouglyConfused, the IR wall control is temperature heat heat sensor.
    • If the light on the wall control is flashing all the time, check to see if the lock is activated.
    • Also check to see if the two screws on the back of the wall control are too tight causing the board to be in a bind, try loosening the two screws a little to let the board flatten out.
    The wall sensor is designed to turn on the light (the white light on the opener head) in the garage, even in warm temperatures.
    It may need to be calibrated.
    Try to calibrate it during the warmest part of the day.
    Make sure the garage is empty of a warm car.
    Keep in mind there might also be a water heater, furnace, gas or electric dryer, freezer or refrigerator in the garage also.
    These are all sources of heat that the switch has to adapt to.
    Slide the slider switch on the side of the wall control to the OFF position.
    Wait 30 seconds, turn it back on and then immediately leave the garage. Stay out of the garage for at least 15 minutes.
    This is to allow the sensor to adapt, or learn the ambient temperature in the garage area.
    The sensor should work better at night however. I hope this is helpful.

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      Thank you! I will try this and see if it helps. By the way, the model is 139.53918D. Sorry for the late response.

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      There isn't a slider on this model.

  3. Hello ThoroughlyConfused, If I understand correctly, you have two (2) garage door openers and the door safety sensors have failed on both? That would be very unusual for both to fail at the same time unless you had a lightning storm or possibly a power surge. The only logical explaination is that the logig board must have been damaged by the electrical storm or a power surge or brownout. If the wiring is okay connected to the sender and reciever saftey sensors, and neither one of the sending units are powered up, I would have to suspect the logic board in each garage door opener has failed. The safety door sensor operate on 6-8 volts AC which can be tested with a voltage meter. If you do not measure 6-8 VAC, the logic board has likely failed. I do recommend check the wire connections on the back of each door opener and making your voltage measurements there where the door sensor wiring is connected. I hope this helpful.

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      Good Afternoon SHC-JoeyS,

      Sorry for the confusion. I was referring to the motion detector on the units that turns on the lights when you go in the garage. I hope this helps clarify things.

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      Hello ThoroughlyConfused, I will be happy to assist you but in order to provide model specific inforamtion and troubleshooting assistance,I will need to have the model number of the garage door opener. The model number should be located on the unit which is mounted to the ceiling. It will begin with

  4. Hi there, ThoroughlyConfused! Thanks for your question today! The Garage Door Expert can help troubleshoot the issues you are having with your openers. If you can also post your model number, that would be helpful to accurately pinpoint the problem you are having.

    An Expert will be by in a bit with an answer. Once he responds, I'll let you know via an email which includes a link directing you back to this thread.