I have a Vizio E260MV 26″ HDTV LED, it has started to turn itself off and then back on. It is starting to do this with more frequency. Is there something I can do to fix it? Does it need to go to Sears for repair?


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  1. First thing is to make sure it is not the signal source coming in that is blanking out. If the picture alone is blanking but the TV menu (not the cable box or DVD menu) stays on then it might not be the TV. After checking the menu, try another source like a DVD player or game system. You want to make sure you have a problem with the set and not with the device hooked up to it. If it happens on all devices then the TV might be the problem.

    If you see that the TV loses video with all the inputs and multiple sources, then a board might be defective in the set. There are two boards in the set, the power board and the main board. The power board takes the AC and generates the DC supplies needed to work the panel and the main board. It is possible that a capacitor or a few of them have become damaged and disturb the DC supplies to the rest of the set. This would be checked with a multimeter by a technician. The other possibility is that the main board, the brains of the set, is defective and acting up. This would be more difficult to check since it could be an IC that is acting up. A technician would eliminate the other possibilities and suspect this board unless there was a telltale sign that it was the main. This problem would be best handled by a technician in your home.

  2. Welcome, kimbered! Thanks for posting your inquiry today. The Electronics Experts should be able to help troubleshoot the issues you are having with your TV. They will let you know if you should attempt a fix on your own, or bring it in to be repaired. Check back soon for a reply!

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