I have a whirlpool bottom frezzer fridg. and ice builds up on the bottom of frezzer that hase to be chipped off about 2 a month. the fridge was bought from sears not even 2 years ago. Please HELP!!!


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  1. If by bottom of the freezer you mean the floor of the freezer then I suspect the problem is a clogged drain. If the ice is built up along the back wall then most likely there is a defrost system failure. Both problems are repairable. When the unit goes into defrost a small amount of water is generated when the defrost heater comes on. The water should go down the drain and end up in the condenser pan where it evaporates. A clogged drain can cause the water to end up on the floor of the freezer and build up into a sheet of ice. Cleaning the drain out is not difficult but it is time comsumming. The best way is to remove all frozzen food and place in the refrigerator section. Turn the unit off and leave the freezer door open overnight. The refrigerator section should keep the food frozen while the ice clogging the drain should melt. If you need to clear the drain hose compressed air can be used to clean out the drain hose. I don't suggest a piece of wire since that may damage the drain hose. A defrost system failure would be best checked by a technician. I hope this helps.

  2. Hi dons4me!

    Thank you for posting your freezer issue with us in the MySears Community!

    Do you by any chance know the model number for this unit? This will help our Experts be able to troubleshoot your freezer more easily by providing you with more detailed information.

    Please check back for a reply from one of our Sears Expert team members.

    Thank you! ;)

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