I have always liked craftsman tools & tool accessories and power tools, and accessories but I am considering not buying anymore because I have noticed that a lot of the tools & tool accessories and power tools and accessories are made in china and other foreign countries, I thought Craftsman was one of the top USA/American made tools & tool accessories and power tools and accessories. Do not give me that **** about that it is an American factory making the items because if it was it would be here in the USA.


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  1. Musa does not mean it's made in America. It's just another name that China has come up with to fool the american consumer. There are alot of differant names China uses to trick the U.S consumer into thinking the product was made in America when it wasn't. There still are tools out there that are made on U.S. soil. My husband and I own a construction company and we spent thousands of dollars on craftsman tools, but since the move to China we have switched to another company that is in the U.S. and they service their product at no cost to the consumer. AdamO for someone that doesn't work for Sears you seem to know alot about their company.

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      Third Generation Craftsman tool user.

      I collect, restore and use many old tools, including Craftsman brand name tools.

      Worked for Sears as a Tool Sales Person, Tool Territory Associate, and as a Preventative Maintenance Technician at Sears for about nine years.

      I still find it hard to believe they PAID me to rebuild all them Craftsman ratchets...

      I'm college educated with a degree in Manufacturing.

      I worked in a US Manufacturing facility that made high-tech Telephone switching devices and voice message products, doing Production Planning and Master Scheduling to aid the Manufacturing people to get the parts they needed and the customers receive their custom ordered and configured products.

      I also did Technical Illustration work for almost a decade.

      So... I know a little about tools, manufacturing, US manufacturing, Engineering and how Technical Manuals should be organized by equipment manufacturers and used by equipment owners.

      I also did Direct Maintenance Support as a Machinist in the Army, for 3 years.

      The definition of the Acronym "MUSA" IS Made in the US of A.

      There could, of course, be a town named Musa out in the world somewhere, too, like the Japanese having the town of Usa or oo-sah.

      You can always find "cheaters" out in the world.

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      Where did you find out that MUSA is a secret trick perpetrated by the Chinese? Can you provide a link to something that supports this claim? AdamO has only ever used "MUSA" as a shorthand way of saying "Made in the USA." But, if you've got inside information, I think the rest of us would like to know about it. If you can share it, that would be great. Thanks in advance. :)

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    Craftsman is a tool brand name. There are NO Craftsman factories "anywhere". Established Original Equipment Manufacturers MAKE products that receive the Craftsman brand name.

    When a manufacturer decides to move its plants overseas retail companies have very little choice than to go along and possibly change manufacturers when contracts are renegotiated sometime in the future.

    This has happened before with Sears, back in the Stanley tools days.

    Vise Grip manufacturing moved overseas and SURPRISE, the Craftsman locking pliers developed new packaging artwork, reflecting the change in manufacturing location of the "Craftsman" product.

    Danaher Industries made/makes Craftsman Mechanics' tools, and formed a Super company named Apex Tools, who seems to enjoy the climate in China and Taiwan.

    I think the BIG question should be, are there any tool manufactures left in the US, that can manufacture a high enough volume, at a competitive price to the ocean voyage products?

    Just about ALL of the power tools, from everyone, has moved far away for a while now.

    As for hand tools, check out many of the screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, pry bars and Craftsman Premium or Craftsman Industrial brand name tools. You'll still find a good deal of MUSA (Made in US of A) tools in there.

    Even the tools that have "switched" have not yet had all of their MUSA versions emptied from the stores.

    Go "into" you local store and check toward the back of the hooks.

    You'll see.

    Happy hunting...

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