I have an elite front load washer. It has started leaking out the front at the bottom of the door. It is 10 years old. Thoughts?


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  1. Leaking from the bottom of the door is usually caused by a bellows/boot problem. Replacing the door boot/bellow will likely be needed to fix this problem. Replacing the boot/bellows is a medium difficulty do-it-yourself project. I would suggest a technician do this repair since there is a potential of a large leak if the boot comes off during a cycle. You can check for an excessive amount of suds in the water but since the problem just started after 10 years I don't expect you have suddenly started to use to much soap. The water level should seem the same as before. You can Google elite front load washer bellows replacement and have a choice of videos showing the repair. I hope this helps. Thank you for visiting mySearscommunity.

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      How does that receive 67 thumbs downs? Methinks there's some trolling afoot. :(

      I'm with you. I wouldn't generally recommend people try replacing the boot on their own, especially as the ring can be a bit of a challenge to put back around the boot. It's one of those things that's way easier to take off than to put on.

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      Oh Yikes!

      That is unusual. Thank you BlueCrewGuyInMA for pointing this out for I will have our tech support look into this issue.

      Happy Labor Day!

  2. Hi Aggorski,

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    I have escalated your concerns on your washer to one of our Sears Appliance Experts. Please keep in mind with out a model number they are only able to provide general information.

    Check back periodically for a response from one of our Experts.

    Thank you!

  3. Could you provide the full model number of the washer? ###.####### is the usual format. The first three numbers should be either 110 or 417.