I have an older search Kenmore stove. I get plenty of gas and a spark, but there is no flame. To me this means that the gas is not reaching the spark. I have cleaned the head completely so there is no reason for the gas not to reach the spark. I also noticed that rather than having a small gas port for the sparker, there is a channel or groove in the base that is for channeling the gas to the spark. However, this does not seem to work well, and rarely, I get a flame. I can’t post a photo here. I am at my end trying to figure this out…


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  1. svg2253, Here is what I think is the problem. You have spark but is there gas to the flame head? Can you light the burner with a match or flame? If so, the ignitor is causing you a problem and if not there could be a problem with the gas valve. I would recommend you have a technician out to check the problem out for you and if you call this number 1-888-266-6317, arrangements can be made for the check out of the range. I you have questions reply to this thread.

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      I can light it with a match. There is also gas feeding into the head which is clear of obstruction. Also, this happens to both burners on the right side and the left side works fine. If there is a problem with the ignitor and gas then why do both work?

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      The ignition harness is normally designed to operate both burner igniters on one side Left or right independent from the opposite side, if both burners on one side light with a match but not by the spark, look for wiring issues, as stated before you may need a technician. Ron H.

  2. Hi svg2253! Welcome to MySears! I am going to to send this along to the Appliance Experts. Can you find a model number to your stove? I know that will help the Experts to determine the correct fix.

    In the meantime, an Expert will answer in a bit with a general suggestion or two. Once he does, I will let you know via email so you can check it out.


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