I have asked repeatedly several different locations of Sears to give me the name and contact information for the District or Regional Manager for Maryland. I was told they would not give me this information. I don’t understand this. Is it a national security issue?


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  1. Apparently from the comments here, there are many customers who are not satisfied with the "we are very sorry and want to help" response and would rather deal with someone with the actual authority to do something other than be sorry and offer low value gift cards.

    Sears does not care about the customer, it is obvious because they try to make it impossible to deal with anyone who can actually solve a problem, instead of reading a script

  2. Hi there, wisel! Thanks for your question today! We do not disclose the first and last names of any associate or manager of our stores, for security purposes. We are more than happy to help with any concerns you have right here! Please let us know a few more details, and we can assist.