I have been calling the sears location on N Shepherd Dr since early this moring and I don\\\’t get a response.

I purchased the last Dewalt in the store, I actually purchased the display! I felt as I was being rushed, & I asked several times if the item was placed in the box and he said Yes! My Secret Santa and I are very disappointed and I was so embarrassed! I want the item that I purchased…


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      • San Jose, CA

    If you type in the model number on your receipt, into, along with your ZIP code, the website will query the electronic inventory count of all the sears stores in your area for the presence of a salable item.

    That trumps a phone call being picked up, any time.

    I was in one of the stores today. No ratchets being restored today. It was a hustling and a bustling all around me.

    The important thing was getting my third run of left-over Craftsman ornaments and one of the brand new sears AUTO CENTER HOT RIDES 2013 CALENDAR.

    If you're a Craftsman Club member, the calendar is HALF-OFF!

    1. The customer apparently purchased a floor model, and received an empty box instead. Calling and looking for another one to purchase is not going to solve the problem

  1. Hi MariaEGuevara! I am so sorry to hear about this! That would be a disappointment to open an empty box on Christmas! This would be best handled at your local store, but please check back if you are unable to get this taken care of before the end of the day.


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