I have been dealing with Sears for about 4 months now regarding a late charge error on his account. He is 93 years old and uses his charge about twice per year, and IMMEDIATELY pay his balance in full as soon as he receives the bill. We have made phone calls and letters, and we continually receive the form letter that the charge is valid. We also asked for 12 months copies of statements, which we have never received. Who can we contact in person to get this issue resolved? My Father has been a Sears customer for 40+ years, this is the poorest example of customer service I have ever seen. We are considering contacting an attorney to resolve this issue. This has caused great inconvenience and stress to us. If there is a mistake that we have made, we need to have the 12 months of statements to research this issues. My Father does not own a computer to request the statements online, which is why we asked to be provided with the copies, which we have never received.

Additionally, a letter he received informed him that he had “provided” the wrong address. My Father has resided at the same address for 20+ years.


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  1. Hi there, Nearmyer4814! Thanks for sharing your experience on MySears today. I am sorry you are experiencing these problems with your father's Sears Card. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with credit card issues on our site.

    I would recommend continuing to work with the folks at SearsCard to get this resolved.

    Hang in there!