I have been loyal customer to Sears and have been a blatant marketer for Sears and SYWR program. Of late, I am seeing Sears is not much interested in customer service and is only interested in short term goal of increasing top line. Below is the recent experience I have had with one of my orders (461277164). I had placed an order for car tires on 2/3. I met with an accident on 2/5 and had to drop my car in a body repair shop. Due to this, I wanted to cancel my order and have been following up with online customer care, Sears Automotive customer care, Sears store and Shop your way membership. Every time I am told that return will be processed immediately and I will get refund soon. Till now I have not received refund. And to my surprise status of the order is now shown as ‘Picked Up’. I have spent many hours on phone with the customer care reps and am thoroughly dissatisfied with the way this has been handled so far. Opportunity cost for the amount of time I spent on call and the frustrations I had go through for this is much higher than the refund amount. Now I am at a stage where I wanted to give one last try and then give up and look for a company that values customers. Appreciate if you can resolve this quickly.


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  1. Dear Mailme,

    We sincerely apologize for the difficulties you have encountered with cancelling your online order and receiving your refund. We want to look into this further to see how we can get this issue resolved as soon as possible for you. At your convenience, please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Mailme), phone # used at time of purchase to and we’ll be in touch!

    Thank you,
    Misty H.
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    Sears Social Media Support

  2. Hi Mailme,

    Thank you for posting in the MySears Community!

    I am so sorry to hear about your accident I hope that you were not hurt in the process.This can be a very tough time when dealing with unexpected car repairs.

    We have a great Sears Cares Team whom will help to get this straightened out. They will help to resolve this issue to the best of their abilities as well as sorting out your refund and cancelled order.

    Please check back for a reply from the Team so that they can help you further.

    Thank you :)