I have been sitting at home all day waiting on the scheduled delivery (7:15am – 9:15 am) of my fridge, At 10:30 I called Sears and was advised that they called and came and no one answered the phone or was at home. What a lying set of ********. I have called 4 times since and each time I was assured that they would call back. They never do. Sears is operating like a fish shop. This is so hard to believe but coming here and seeing all these complaints I realise that its just NOT a good company to do business with. Never again. I unpacked my fridge at 7:00 and I’m now on the verge of loosing everything, Honestly I never expected such a large company to lie so much. The hurtful thing also is the techi who visited he simply look at my 4 year old fridge and said its not worth fixing. Now it has started to work perfectly again, however since I already bought a new one and has no where to store the present one I have no choice than to let them take it….Gosh they are so lie….I dont know when my new Fridge will be delivered….Sears is so lie, so lie…..its unbelievable


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    Maybe, the phone was "busy" when delivery attempted to call?

    1. That's why we have Caller ID, That why we have Call waiting, that why we look at our phone logs to know who called from who lied that they called

  1. Hello Jaminco,

    My name is Trent I am with the Sears Cares Team. We are terribly sorry for frustrations we have cause with refrigerator delivery. Please be assured that what you have described is certainly not the level of service we strive to provide. We would like the opportunity to discuss your experience and explore some available options to rectify this situation and hopefully restore your faith in sears. At your earliest convenience please send the following information – contact #, the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as the screen name that we have assigned to reference your post (Jaminco), to We look forward to speaking with you.

    Thank you,

    Trent A.
    MySears Community Moderator

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      Trent....its only got worst, I made a total of 5 or 6 calls to the delivery depart and they all did the same thing, the 1st associate told me I was # 1 for delivery and they are now at # 3 and would be turning back...they dint show, I called again and was told that they spoke with Bryan who says he'll be calling me right away, you and I know now that he didn't. I then decided that talking to Phillipinos is not working so I called another Sears # 800-927-7836 and complined, they linked me to someone in delivery, whom I had to stop from reading and repeating the lie about how they came and how they called, she moved and told me the same thing, someone from delivery will call, like a fool I waited and off course no one called, no one came, at minutes to 7:00pm I made what must either be my 5th or 6th call again to 800-732-7747, this time it was the same **** I asked her to elevate the call o a supervisor but the Philippino couldn't even do this. I disconnected and again called 800-927-7836, John with ID # 510015 answered and was very helpful, he got a girl from delivery was informed us that all deliveries are completed for the day, when asked whats the next scheduled delivery date she calmly said "she sees none scheduled" I smiled and hanged up. I smiled because I know this is not only my 1st experience with such lousy service but my last. There is no way that Sears can ever do this to me again. I had to throw out everything but I'll survive. BTW one of your associates started offering discount certificates, I almost told her where to push them but I didn't. I realised she was only trying to temper the situation, she should have realised that all I wanted is my Fridge, no darn certificate. The Fridge can be found by Sales Check # 017332260370

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      I realise now this website is a sham, no problems are solved here, no matter how simple. The Sears Toads spend the entire day writing apologies, making excuses and off course do what they do best, Telling Lies.

      Why would I write, look at the frustration being exhibited by the vast number of your customers, don't you guys ever feel bad, about the deceitful things you all wright? don't you all realise that nobody comes here and leaves feeling that they came to the right place. How could sears get such a large concentration of morons under the same roof? Its just so unbelievable.

  2. Welcome, Jaminco! I am so sorry to hear you have not received your delivery of your fridge. I am glad you decided to visit today-we are here to help. We can get you in touch with a SearsCares team member who will make sure you are taken care of.

    Check back right here soon for a reply.


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      Just to let you know, I wont be coming back here either, I consider this to be a waste of time also. What happened today should not have happened and cannot be undone. I hope you'll all enjoy a beer or a cool drink from your fridge tonight. Which I'm sure you all didn't buy from Sears

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      I know I said I wasnt coming back here, but trust me, I wont let my ego get in the way, nobody called so I called and I was advised that I wont be getting my Fridge until Friday, imagine that, you are all like a set of cockroaches, Do you all think you can spite me? is this what this is about, I say to you all, the amount and type of complaints I see in this forum could mean only one this. you guys are loosing a high volume of customers on a daily basis......Its only a matter of time for sears....mark my word

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      Have you been able to email the SearsCares team, Jaminco at the email provided above? They are a great resource who will do what they can to get this resolved for you.

      Please keep us posted on the progress!


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      I really have to question what really is your role here. They lied on Monday that they attempted delivery, they lied that they called...but let put that aside for purposes of moving the convo forward. They lied 5 times after saying they would return with my delivery, On Wednesday they they promised delivery for Friday they also promised to call in the delivery time Thursday night (Last night) this never happened, I called today and was advised that delivery has been rolled again because they don't have my unit in stock....what lies.....but back to the core issue...what the **** is your purpose? you come asking me if I emailed sears? Sears are the ones to make contact!...from where and whence did you crawl? can you just remove yourself from this forum and crawl back there? you are no help.....I gave my my sales check #, that me, what I see happening here will soon attract a federal investigation.....this must rass stop

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