I have been trying to get Sears to clean up my credit report for a closed account. Years ago I contacted the office of the President and his assistant promised to fix it…no such luck. I had the most horrible experience with their old The Great Indoors contracted services. It was a 40K job that was to take two months and lasted over a year. Everything was destroyed or replaced multiple times. In the end they only rebated 1K because of the damage but during the dipute I waited to pay some monies. I ended up completing payments in 2012 as agreed making large payments but they still show that a date of 1st delinquency of this year! Not only that which is absolutely false (the account has been closed for years) but the President’s office promised to clean up all the reporting because of the damage they did. Now, years later and after paying for the bad work and destroyed materials, they still report incorrectly on a closed account. It tried calling but all I get is an overseas help desk that can’t barely find the account and can’t do anything. My significant other is going to use his attorney as the next step. How come no one cares about helping after all these years?


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      • San Jose, CA

    Are you sure the assistant that made the clean up promise is still assisting the President?

    That sounds like the clean up promise was a personal promise, that may not have been forwarded to a "new" assistant.

  1. Hi ProjectKO,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us in the MySears Community! That is quite a time frame in trying to get your credit score repaired.

    To help you further, we located a number a number for you to reach out in regards to your closed Credit Card Account: 1-800-366-3817.

    I hope this number helps in getting this issue resolved!

    Thank you!

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