I have electric lawn mower model #247.370480. How do I remove battery shroud so I can replace the batteries.


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  1. Hello westr,
    The shroud is very tricky to get off. There are four spring levers that hold the shroud on and you will need to have a 5/16 inch diameter rod to insert into the lever hole to release the spring lever. You should also use a wood wedge to insert under the shroud when the spring lever is released so when another of the spring levers is released, they will not be re clipped. So you will need four of the wood wedges. I hope this is helpful in getting the shroud off.

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      Thank you for your help. I first tried a wood dowel, but it was too soft. A Craftsman 1/4 inch Extension from Extension Bar Set (Hand Tools > Socket Accessories) worked. Starting front right, then rear right, then front left, then rear right. No wood wedges. Screw driver only under front right shroud. Rear right would not release because access blocked by Cross Bracket (Ref. No. 40), so I twisted it off, breaking the shroud insertion tab. Shroud off. Full of dry grass cuttings. 4 batteries replaced without cutting cable tie (No. 68). Total cost of replacement: $92.88 at Battery Bill, Inc. in Sacramento, CA. Shroud replaced and holds well with only 3 insertion tabs.

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      Sorry, that should be "then front left, then rear left." Also, "Rear left would not release".

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      Glad you were able to get the shroud off, westr. Is your mower up and running, then?

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      Prior to replacing the batteries, the mower had to be recharged after mowing my front yard before I could mow my back yard. Now, it mows both front and back and still shows three green LEDs when I am done. Yes, the mower is up and running.

  2. Hi westr! Welcome to MySears! I am going to pass your question along to the Lawn and Garden Experts to see if they can offer some insight, but you may want to take a look at your owner's manual, as well. If you don't have a copy, just click here to download from the ManageMyLife website.

    Check back soon for a reply from a Lawn and Garden Expert!

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