I have Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator model 795-7130. The latch in the upper right door has fallen out of it’s socket. Is there a way to reinsert it without removing the rubber door seal?


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  1. The door latch (cam) in these models can be a little complicated to repair. Usually the cam or the holder will break and need to be replaced. A technician will usually need to make this repair. In most cases, it will be much easier to replace the complete door gasket. It will be a complete assembly that already has the latch (cam) installed. The original gasket will pull off and the new gasket will push back in place. If you would like more assistance, the complete model number will be needed, to provide more specific information.

  2. Hi bgliam! Thanks for posting your question today. I am sure an Appliance Expert can let you know if you need to remove the rubber door seal. Please check back on this thread soon for a reply. Thanks!

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