I have Kenmore DW model 66513042k110. I recently replace the top rack adjusters and now need to replace the adjusters and clips. I am unable to find a repair manual and the parts diagrams do not show these parts installed. Can anyone please help? Thanks. Here is the parts diagram link:


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  1. You may also want to check out this thread from Manage My Life, as well. SHC-Joey was able to add on a few images that should be able to help.

    Click here to see the thread.

    Good luck! Let us know how things work out for you!

  2. Hello MelissaJLand: Trying to explain where and how the positioners and clips mount would be near impossible. Since I'm not able to provide any images/pictures on the site, I recommend going to your nearest Sears store and take a digital camera with you and find the model with the same rack and ajusters and take pictures of the postioner and clips. I believe this will be best way of knowing exactly how and where they mount.

  3. Hi MelissaJLand! Welcome to MySears! Thanks for providing so many details to the issue you are having. I am sure one of the Appliance Experts can point you in the right direction or walk you through what the next step is. Check back soon for a response.

  4. I'm sorry-I now need to replace the POSITIONERS and CLIPS. (Adjusters are installed)