I have a Kenmore front loader 417.44052400. It won’t spin at all. It is OK execept it won’t spin.

Works ok but won’t spin.


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  1. the expert here advised me to change the door lock assembly and he was right on the money. i did that and now my washer spins again. it is this exact model of Kenmore. its a DIY if your are a little handy.

  2. Justcs, Thank you for the reply with additional information. The 5 status lights will blink the first number and the start will blink the 2nd number. You are right that there is no W74 code. The E7.. would indicate a water temperatur or sensor error. Some other things to consider. If the washer will fill and tumble back and forth in the wash cycle the door switch, motor control, belt and motor are all likely okay. When the washer will fill, tumble and drain but will not spin the ususal suspect is the door is not locked. If the water does not drain out then you may have a drain pump problem. If the water does not drain then the washer will not spin. If the drain pump does not run then the next step would be to check voltage to the drain pump. I hope this helps. Thank you for using mySearscommunity.

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      i just did a load of clothes to check and on the spin cycle the door lock light is on. i am wondering if an old belt that is a little loose would wash and rinse and not spin?

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      Justcs: I suspect it has a faulty door lock assembly even though the lock light is on.

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      i bought a door lock assembly, went to youtube to see how to put it in and installed it today. well my washer works again - that is it performs the spin cycle. thank you so much. you were right!

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      Hi Justcs!

      Thank you for providing an update on the issue with your door lock.

      I am happy to hear that your washer is working again.

      I will pass the good news on to the Experts who had assisted.

      Happy Holidays and have a wonderful weekend!

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      I have a Kenmore front loader 41744052400 that does everything but the final spin. It fills,washes, tumbles, drains, and spins on wash and rinse cycles but on last spin cycle it will drain but not spin. I ran the diagnostic and got an error code of E43 which per the chart says to replace the control board, which I did and still have the same problem. I tested the door lock assembly and it is functioning right, so now I am stuck. ?? I did not test the motor speed board but if it was bad the parts place said it would be $170.oo so then after the $150.oo I already spent on the board it wouldn’t be worth it. Is there anytning else it could be?? I also ran the test with the dial which lets you run through different functions manually and the last test is the drain and spin test and it WILL drain and SPIN!! but not when it is not in test mode. Thanks.

  3. Justcs: Copy and past the ULR below and follow the images to find out what the fault code is.

    I suspect it could have a faulty door lock assembly eventhough it locks. Use the information in the images to assist you in diagnosing the failure.

  4. I have this exact model and problem along with many others if you google this. I'm amazed there are no answers. It appears to be a common problem. Sears should know the solution. The wash and rinse cycles are fine hence it is draining, but people still want to ascertain its a pump problem or motor problem. The error code is 3 beeps and that is not a pump or motor issue.

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      Justcs: I will need to know how many times the 5 vertical led's are flashing and how many times the Start led is flashing. This will point us in the direction of the failure. I added URL below with the information needed to decipher the flashing lights. Copy and paste the URL below in your browser and it will take you to the link.

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      When the cycle ends i hear 3 beeps. i read the manual and followed the directions to hold down cancel and start. when i do that i get 7 flashes above cancel and 4 above start. if it washes and rinses, it must mean that the motor, pump and pressure switch are working. even the control board is working for those cycles. so i am guessing if it mostly works, it has to have something to do with spin only.

  5. fixitjohn: If the washer is not able to drain water it's not going to spin. You can remove the front lower access panel and access the drain pump to check to see if is running or humming. If it's humming and not draining water, it could have jammed drain pump or a faulty drain pump. If it will drain the water but not spin, it could have a faulty door lock switch. Generally speaking, since your model does not have a digital display, when it detects an error, it will flash the 5 vertical LED's an X amount of times for the first digit of the error code and it will flash the Start LED an X amount of times for the second digit of the error code.

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      if i get 7 flashes above cancel and 4 above start then the code is E74 and that is not in the chart. wondering if the belt is old and too loose. i took the back off and checked out the belt. i can push it in about 1 and 1/2 inches so i know it isnt tight. it does work for agitating cycles.

  6. Hi there, fixitjohn! Welcome to MySears! Thanks for posting your question today. The Appliance Experts will be able to offer a suggestion or two on fixing your washer. He will be by shortly with a response in just a bit. I'll let you know via email once he does.

    You may also want to check your owner's manual on There are often lots of troubleshooting tips for these kind of issues.