Is there absolutely anyone at Sears that can get this issue resolved? On 11/26/2012 I placed order # 434608116, I Ordered 1 offset wrench set and a qty 2 of the 255 piece tool sets on this order. I only received the the one offset wrench set. My credit card was charged for the wrench set and then the 2 tool sets were charged on a separate credit card transaction in the amount of $280.88. I never received the tool sets, so I contacted sears customer service. I was told that the two tool sets were cancelled because of insufficient stock. I find this hard to believe because they continued to show them in stock online. I was told by customer service that they would check to see why I had not received the refund and to give them 3-5 business days. This is from November 26, 2012, and I still have not received credit for these two sets. I have called and emailed customer service including email addresses,, and, multiple times. I keep getting the run around and every response is they will check on the refund and I will be contacted back. I have yet to get any resolution to this fraudulent charge to my credit card. I was charged $280.88 on my credit card and have never received the credit! This is also not the only issue I have with my Christmas orders screwed up. I will post the other 3 order issues seperately!


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  1. I have a similar problem. I ordered a torque wrench yesterday and did not receive an order number or any email regarding the item I ordered online. I called my bank and was told that sears charged me for the item. I contacted customer service and was given an order number and was told to wait 24-48 hours for a confirmation email to pick up the item. I called again today and was told that the order number I was given does not exist. Why can't I view my order online? and why can't customer service pull up my order?

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      Hi p1980s! Welcome to MySears! Have you been able to view your order on the Order Center page through your Profile on Just follow these steps to do so:

      • Log in to
      • Click on your name on the upper right hand side of the screen
      • Click "Order Center"

      Hope that helps! If you are still unable to view your order, please let us know.


  2. dh0765,
    My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Cares Escalations team I saw your post today and wanted to reach out to you to offer our assistance. I am very sorry to see that you had such a disappointing experience with your online order. It is frustrating enough to encounter any trouble with your order due to the items being out of stock, much less not receiving your refund in a timely manner. We have received your information and we are in the process of assigning you a case manager. We do look forward to speaking with you soon and apologize for the inconvenience. Thank, you Liz R. My Sears Social Media Moderator, Sears Social Media Support

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      Liz, I had more that just one issue. The moderator told me to keep all issues to this one post, so please see my other reply on this same post with 4 individual order issues that I am having. 2 are for charges for cancelled orders, and 2 are for order shortages.

  3. OK, then I will list all of my open issues here not. All of these have been addressed with your customer service and absolutely nothing has been resolved!

    Order # 433727564 - Charged for 2 tool sets never received. Sears said cancelled but still charged me - $280.88

    Order # 434608116 - Charged for 2 tool sets never received. Sears said cancelled but still charged me - $280.88

    Order #444825794 - Ordered 2 of the 255 piece tool sets and one single wrench. Received box that had 1 of the 255 piece tool sets and the individual wrench. Order short 1 of the 255 pc. Mechanics tool sets. Never shipped because the shipping label wasn't even printed for enough weight. Still have not received my missing tool set, but was charged for the entire order

    Order #448336502 - Ordered 2 of the 309 piece Mechanics tool sets and 3 Samsung 3D glasses. 1 box was destroyed when received and had nothing but the packing slip in the box. Tracking on the destroyed box was 1Z6R9AZ40349815493. This order short Qty 1 of the 309 piece tool set and Qty 3 of the Samsung 3D glasses

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      The following Government website gives guidance on what to do:

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      Now 1/7/2013 and nothing has been addressed! Customer service not replying to any of my issues and fraudulent charges. No one has made any attempt to resolve any of these issues. I have now opened cases with the Better Business Bureau on these issues, as well as disputed these fraudulent charges with my credit card company. This is another reason to never use your Sears Card. I am very glad I did not use Sears card and used American Express! I will now pursue contacting the FTC regarding these issues also.

  4. Hi dh0765! If you could please contain all of your issues to this one thread, it will help to keep the site as streamlined as possible and ensure your complaints are addressed. Check back soon for a SearsCares team member to respond on this thread. They will follow up with any problems you have had and do what they can to get them resolved for you.

    Thanks again!

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      Just an update for everyone who is even thinking of doing business with Sears. Now it is 1/14/2013, and I have still not heard from anyone at sears regarding these issues and nothing is being resolved! We will see if the FTC filing gets any attention.

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