I have problem my laundary washer it isnot turn on.I got power ,filup the water ok,brand whirlpool.model # lSQ9200PQ0. CIREAL # CR3206450.


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  1. Wylie, Thank you for your question. From the description you give the key fact is that you say it will fill with water but then does nothing else. If it fills with water then there is voltage. ON this particular washer if the washer will fill but nothing else then the usual suspect is the lid switch. On this model if the lid switch is broken or not being activated then the washer wil lnot agitate, spin or drain. You can Google Whirlpool direct drive washer lid switch repair and see how difficult replacing the lid switch is. It can make a good do-it-yourself project. The switch can be checked with a meter or it can be checked without a meter. The 8318084 lid switch is available from the following link: . I hope this helps.

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      Round Rock Tx that is wounderfull you got it the problem was lid switch I oredy fix it.thanks

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      So glad you were able to get that fixed, volt! Thanks for sharing this update with us!

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