I have recently purchased a Kenmore Ultra High-Efficiency Water Softener, model # 38420, I was wondering how many days are included in the average daily water usage calculation?

The value fluctuates too much for be for the life of the softener.


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  1. REally, no additional answer to my follow up question? As I stated, the water softener lists the water usage as Average Daily Gallons, which implies it's averaging it over multiple days, not just listing the amount for the day before.

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      Hello Dan, You are correct that this meter does show the average use daily, it takes some time for the average to balance out though and if it was a very recent install, the data could still show pretty large fluctuations. It samples the flow data once a day and then averages the multiple days in memory. Call the Kenmore Water Line at 800-426-9345 for a more information if you would like. Jerry C

  2. Hello Dan,

    I would like to assist you with your water softener's daily use fluctuations. When you press the Water Use button the second time on your model, the daily use that is current is displayed. The electronic controller re-calculates this value daily, so the best way to get an accurate reading is to look at it at the same time every day, preferably in the evening prior to going to bed. This water use value is only shown for each 24 hour period, so multiple days are not covered. Page 19 in the owner's manual describes this meter feature. I hope that this has clarified this issue for you.

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      Thanks for your reply. Why would the manual describe this as the average daily use then, which implies it is over multiple days?

  3. You have come to the right place, DanfromNF! We can have an Appliance Expert answer this for you. Check back soon for a reply on the days included in that calculation.