I have tried to call the 866# and local # to find out how much longer on pictures. I have even emailed them almost every other day. My pictures are now 9 days late and just want to know if there is any other place that SOMEONE might be around to see how much longer? My SEARS managers all know something different, which makes me feel like they are lying as they go to make customers leave them alone!!


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  1. Oh, I forgot to say that NO ONE has ever responded to my calls (just on hold) and I waited 57 mins this last time, and no emails back ever! The local # I left a message on her machine, but again, nothing. A manager told me they fired everyone so who is there to answer you??? So that is why I am asking if you have any more things I can try cause SEARS already told me they would not refund my $ I already spent on pictures!!