I just bought a Kenmore Elite 12793 Dishwasher. There is a latch (Spring Clip) on the top of door I asume is there for transport. How do I remove it and how does the door latch properly? The install and operating instructions have nothing to help.


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  1. tacii, The door should open and close. There is no latch or clip to hold the door shut during transport. There should be a door strike on the tub and a door latch in the door. If you cannot shut the door then the latch may be shut when it should be open. I hope this helps and good luck on the installation.

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      Fred, Im sorry but that helps me not at all. It sounds like "should" isn't what I have here. I have this spring metal plate that held the door closed when I received this dishwasher. There is no striker plate on the tub. How do I unlock the latch? There is no mechanical way to do so. Maybe the striker plate is stuck inside the door and this machine was defective on delivery. I don't want to further damage it.

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      There is no bracket for transport. The newer models have a hidden strike. The strike catches the latch under the lip of the cabinet. You would see a metal braket held by 4 bolts with the plastic back half of the strike sticking out. You will not see the strike unless you look under the top lip of the tub. If the door can not be opened or closed then the latch is broken. A broken latch out of the box is possible though not common. I am sorry for the problem.

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      I've resolved the problem. The door strike was stuck in the door. The piece that was visible is the spring clip that attached the strike to the tub. I clipped that back to the tub and applied a significant amount of pull to get the door to open the first time. It now functions properly. The strike is held by that spring clip I described earlier, no screws. I'm not too impressed, but it is functional for now. It is possible for that clip to slide and misalign with the door, in which case the door won't close or secure.
      I'd say chances are good you'll here about this problem again.
      Thanks for help.

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      Thanks for the update, tacii! Glad you got it taken care of!

  2. racii, I am afraind you have me stumped. There is a latch strike holding the door shut but I am unaware of any special latch for transport. The door should pull open. It is suggested a second person hold the back of the dishwasher when the door is opened so it does not tilt forward. There should also be two installation brackets that will mount the dishwasher to the countertop. The brackets can be moved to side mount the dishwasher. I will check further on this tomorrow and let you know if there is any updated information.

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      Hi Fred,
      Thanks for the prompt response. My dishwasher has been in my kitchen for 2 days now and I dont dare close the door The clip I'm referring to latches through the same frame the installation brackets mount through.I've installed the brackets. This thing is top center on the door, about two inches long and a little over an inch wide. It clearly doesn't match the quality of the rest of the dishwasher, this thing can't be permanent because it will eat the door gasket in no time at all. I expect it will rust, too. My dishwasher is ready to go otherwise. I'll admit this installation has been more of an adventure than I expected.

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      Thank you for the updated information. This is the first time I have heard of this and would like to check further tomorrow for more information. They don't always tell us when something new is added. The description sounds like the latch but Let me check further. The last thing I want to do to tell you the wrong thing and break something. I will make this my priority tomorrow morning.

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    I have forwarded your concerns to our Sears Appliance Experts so that they may help you further with your question. The model number you have provided will be a great help in providing you with detailed information.

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