I just bought a new car and I’m trying to set my craftsman garage door up with the homelink garage door opener which I can do fine but my problem is when I reset it the keypad doesnt work the keypad doesn’t work I guess it resets itself I would appreciate any help I’m sur it’s an easy solution


2 answers

  1. Hi Aido, The programming of homelink and the garage door opener is something that may take a few test trys to get done correctly. Homelink has a really great site on the programming of the remotes and the garage door openers. is the site and I would recommend you check this site out. There is also a video on this link. Good luck with the programming of the system.

  2. Welcome, Aido! Thanks for posting your question on the MySears Community today. The Garage Door Experts will be able to help you complete your Homelink set up with you.

    A team member will visit shortly with a suggestion or two. Once he does, I will let you know via email so you can view his response.