i just bought my husband a power drill for his birthday and i was wondering how to register my 3 year warranty


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  1. Poster send in your warranty information if other than a Sears warranty. There will be no problem getting the drill serviced at a authorized repair other than Sears. There are quite a few authorized repair places other than the behemoth Sears that will in all probability give you the runaround.

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      Should people purchase anything, or service anything, via Sears? Is there anything, in your estimation, that Sears is good for? It seems that you have lots of good information to offer, but you seem very anti-Sears. If that's the case, why not just create your own website to share that information and opinion, rather than using this site to bad-mouth the company that runs the forum you're using? For the record, I've always had good experiences with repair services via Sears, as well as making various purchases.

  2. So if the poster is talking about this warranty that is below, would they would call the 800# you are talking about? No they would not.

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      If it's a manufacturer's limited warranty, it would still be automatically registered when it was purchased. It would be repaired or replaced through Sears, as Sears is a licensed DeWalt repair organization. Customers are always welcome to send in the registration card that comes with the tool, so the manufacturer has a record of their warranty's activation.

  3. Where does this poster say anything about a Sears warranty? This could very well be a manufacturers warranty. Which would in all likelihood need to be registered with the manufacturer.

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    A 3 year agreement is the mark of a Craftsman power tool.

    The same type of agreement is available in a 2 year version, for "other" brand name portable power tools.

    1. So if someone has a product with this warranty, is it automatically registered with the manufacturer at Sears? Or do they need to go online and register it? 3 Year Limited Warranty / 1 Year Free Service Contract / 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

    2. It's a plan administered through Sears. It doesn't need to go to the manufacturer. If there's an issue, the product owner calls the 800 number or goes to the website mentioned in the Sears PurchaseProtect pamphlet, provides the purchase information, and follows the disposal instructions they give, and they'll be given a gift card for the purchase price of the product including tax. It does not need to be registered beyond the act of purchasing the Sears PurchaseProtect.

  4. Which brand of drill did you buy? Was it and extended warranty or manufacturer warranty? If you are talking about manufacturer warranty for a DeWalt drill or other, I think you have to register with the company. It should have instructions in the manual, probably register on a website in this day.

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    The warranty was registered at the time of your purchase. They can look up your purchase should you have any covered problems with the drill.

    Does your husband have a set of drill bits and another set of driver bits?