I just purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator and the water filter needs replacing but I cannot get it out. I tried turning the water off to lessen the pressure but it still did not pull out. What should I do?


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  1. I am sorry this has become such a problem. There is the filter cup which should unscrew when turned clockwise. Grad the bottom of the filter cup CW to remove. If it will not turn then I suspect the threads are frozen causing this problem. If the filter cup will not unscrew then my suggestion would be to turn the unit off and leave the refrigerator door open for about 30-60 minutes then try unscrew it. I hope this helps.

  2. JudyLou, I'm sorry you are having this problem with the filter. Unfortunately, the model number is not listed and I will only be able to provide some general information. If this is a pull out filter, some models will have a button next to the filter that will need to be pressed to release the filter and pull it out. If this is a twist and pull filter, if the filter will twist it will probably just need more force to pull it out. It's not unusual for filters to get stuck and will in most cases, just need to be pulled with more force. If you would like more specific information, reply back with the complete model and we will be glad to assist you further. If you would like to have a technician check this, you can call 1-800-469-4663 to schedule a tech to come out.

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      253.52622201 is the model number

  3. The trick on mine is to remove that top shelf so you can pull the filter down vertically, then it comes right out and you can then put the new one in.

  4. Sometimes filters can get stuck and be hard to remove. Most filters twist and then pull out and some have a button that will need to be pressed to release the filter. Keep the water turned off when replacing the filter. Sometimes additional force will need to be used to remove the filter. It may seem like the filter will break but won't. It would be very unusual if it did. For more specific information, the complete model number will be needed.

  5. What is the model number of your refrigerator? Some models require the filter to be tilted downward to be removed (no twisting required). With the model number, we can give you more specific instructions.

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      My model # is 253.52622201. Same problem---can't get filter out.
      Thanks for any help you can offer.

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      Judy Lou, thank you for the model number. Per the owner's manual you do not need to turn the water supply off before changing the filter. First raise the ice maker arm to the off position. Hold the bottom of the filter cup tightly and turn to the left. Some water may leak at this point. The filter cartridge should come out with the filter cup. If the filter does not come out then try twisting it back and forth as you pull down. From the description you give it is likely stuck so a little tugging will be needed. I hope this helps.

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      Hi, Fred, is there a tool for this? I have twisted and pulled as much as I can, even tapped one of the plastic spines on the bottom with a screwdriver and hammer to try to nudge it around, with no luck.

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      By the way, it's the filter cup that I can't get out, not the filter itself. Haven't even gotten to that yet.

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