I just saw today that my local Kmart is closing. Will they still have the black Friday deals?


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  1. They generally will not. Stores that are closing no longer receive new stock and use liquidation non-sale prices for all remaining merchandise.

    1. In response to Civsci

      Thanks for the answer. I actually went in to the store yesterday, and found out that they are not even honoring the current ad prices. That is too bad as I was planning on going to their Thanksgiving sale.

  2. That depends on how soon it's actually closing. General rule of thumb, though, is that once a company publicly announces that a store is closing, all of the stock is purchased by a liquidation company for sell off and no promotions or sales from the rest of the chain apply to the closing store. You might try asking one of the ASM's or store managers from that store, they probably know.

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