I know I have a sears credit card but I cannot find it and have no idea what the number is. How can I found out?


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  1. You can call 800-917-7700 for assistance with your Sears card. They can give you your account number as well as issue a new copy of your card to you. If you're at the store, as Adam said, your account can be directly charged at the register if you have your license or state-issued ID.

      • San Jose, CA

    A look up for a Sears charge card in your name, using your telephone number can be done at the register, with your presentation of a valid picture ID.

    A temporary paper charge "bar code" can be supplied, while you are waiting for a replacement card, that can be ordered from the folks at an 800 number, found on the back of a Sears credit card.

    If you have not used your Sears credit card for some time, the account may have been cancelled and you would need to complete a new charge account request form, that any store cashier or sales person should be able to supply to you.

    Good luck.