I made a complaint back in January due to the purchase and repair of a snow blower. I was assigned Ref: Case 1276252. I have visited with Tina at Corporate office. She agreed to supply me with a $50 gift card. I received it in an email, however I was unable to open the gift card on my own computer, my work computer and the city library computer. She was supposed to cancel that card and issue another one. To date I have not received another card. Every time I call Tina she gives me the run around. This is unacceptable!! I drove 200 miles round trip to deliver the brand new snow blower for repair. My brother in law drove another 200 miles to pick it up, only to learn it was not ready as promised and he came home without it. I drove ANOTHER 200 miles to pick it up finally. Thankfully the machine was under warranty, however the gas I paid for wasn’t!! I am sick of getting the run around, please rectify this. My email address is *****


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  1. Kari, we apologize for the experiences you been having in reference to your gift card. I have forwarded this over to your case manager and request them to contact you.

    Thank you,

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    How's the snow blower running now?

    Did it take long to repair?

    What was listed as the problem with the machine?

    Who called to confirm the snow blower was "there" to be picked up?

  2. Hi Kari,

    Thank you for coming in and updating us on the progress of working with your case manager.

    We would like to help you further in getting this resolved as quickly as possible for you have already been waiting long enough for the gift card.

    I am very sorry that your Case Manager has not completed the gift card as agreed upon. To help you further I am going to have one of our Sears Cares team members contact you. They will do everything that they can to make sure that this gets taken care.

    Please check back periodically for they will be responding with a few questions.

    For your safety, I have removed your email due to this Community being a public site.

    Thank you!