I ordered (2) 2166-01-41 light fixtures as exterior fixtures. It is interior. I received one packing slip says two. I need to return this for a different fixture.

I need a call from Sears ASAP.


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      • San Jose, CA

    Is this a Sears item or purchased from a 3rd party vendor, from the site?

    The 3rd party vendors have their own return process that needs to be followed.

    Good luck with the return.

    1. I ordered it through Sears and paid with a Sears gift card. Now it is showing "Market place items are ineligible for return". I don't know what Market place is but I still only have one fixture and charged for two. This is a big rip off. Do you work for Sears?

    2. Hi gotony! Have you spoken to the folks at Sears Customer Service on They should be able to get this straightened out for you.

      Keep us posted on how it goes!

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