I ordered a gun safe 600+ dollars and received a flimsy cabinet 150 tops. Called sears customer service who had me contact market place vendor. Here is their “business” response. Needless to say, it’s beyond getting my money back at this point. Shame on Sears for endorsing such a company. I’ve been with Sears 20+ years. I will be filing a very detailed Presidential complaint. On Jan 22, 2014, at 3:05 PM, wrote: Jason, To inform you we will not answer anymore communication with this customer as what we have told them is not sinking in, time and time again. This customer seems to think they are in control. See conversation below for specifics!!! This one is as far out in left field as they come. Take all legal action necessary as this customer is severely confused on the law of purchasing online not understanding company policies apply when order is submitted. This customer seems to think her order was not sent when we have supporting documentation showing it was. Order was fulfilled and possibly wrong item was sent as you know happens time to time we are all human well not this customer. Customer fails to understand you can’t cancel a order once you receive the item sounds very much like a Scam to us. If they were not trying to Scam us they would have done what every other customer does and returned item and received a refund. Proceed with full guidelines of the law. Again remember everyone is a attorney when it is convenient. haha Enjoy :)


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  1. Google Jason Allen Amidon Coudersport Pa. He is the CEO of oneclickllc. The info you find will enlighten you on the type of individual this is, and it is all public information. You can even contact The Court of Common Pleas of Potter County and they will provide you with a fifteen page criminal docket for the Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania v/s Jason Allen Amidon for pending criminal cases. BUYER BEWARE when dealing with oneclickllc on

  2. Seriously? Hahaha! Who was the vendor? Trying to scare you with the LAW! Haha, I don't think this vendor read the contract when they signed up to sell on Sears. Let us know what happens, we enjoy the vendor antics here on this site.

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      I see it's oneclickllc, I'll have to go see the storefront they have.

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      My feeling is this vendor takes orders then turns around and orders from Amazon or QVC or someplace like that. From oneclickllc "Your order may also be sent directly from our 22 suppliers!"

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  3. Hello lhml,

    We thank you for taking the time to let us know about this situation regarding your order of a gun safe. We would like to take the opportunity to have one of our personal case manager’s assist you with this matter. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (lhml), phone # used at time of purchase to

    Thank you,
    Dianne D.
    MySears Community Moderator

  4. Hi lhml!

    We appreciate you sharing this issue with us and and bringing your concerns to our attention. These concerns are very important to us and I would like to see if our Sears Cares team can help assist you to get this issue resolved.

    I will be reaching out via email once a response post providing a link back to your thread for contact with the Sears Cares team.

    Again, we thank you for sharing your feedback with us so that we can help in making this right for you.