I Ordered Blu-Ray movie Brave online November 22, still shows as processing but was supoosed to have been delivered no later than today….My card was charged, now I’d like my DVD.

I Ordered from several other stores online that same day, and I’ve already gotten the products. What? are you having to manually draw and paint the movie on each dvd?


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  1. Seems alot of orders are experiencing this. Still in "processing". Those that had success early were given the advertised Brave Blu-ray3D combo (as originally promised) and some instead were given a website corrected Brave Blu-ray combo version. Will need to reach out to customer service to see about fulfillment and promises. Good Luck.

  2. Aenau,

    We are truly sorry that you have not received your Blu-Ray movie, Brave, yet. I know how frustrating this is since you have already paid for the movie. We'd be more than happy to look into this situation further and offer our assistance to help resolve your issue. Please send us an email containing your preferred contact information, including the phone number used at the time of purchase, to Please include your screen name (Aenau), and we will get in touch with you to further discuss your experience and to see what we need to do to resolve this to your satisfaction.


    Susan R.
    MySears Community Moderator

    1. In response to SHC-SusanR

      I sent an email with my contact information last night...still no response...seeing the post about people not getting the 3D combo that I ordered, I am getting even more concerned I either will not get my order or they will send me the 3 disc instead of the 5 like I ordered...

    2. In response to SHC-SusanR

      Now 7:15 pm Dec. 7th... still nothing from Sears, no call, no email DVD still shows processing. Already disappointed with a company I once was happy to admit working for, now to be treated like my order isn't that important. Already pretty much expect that when I do get my purchase, it's not going to be what I ordered so I'll be back to calling this company..Yay for more pointless wasted time.

  3. Hi Aenau! I am sorry to hear you haven't received your order. That movie will make a great gift-my kids loved it in the theater, and I bet there are some fun extra features.

    We can have the SearsCares team follow up with you on this thread to help. Look for a reply soon from them requesting additional information. Thanks!

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