I paid for a 2 year care plan on a diamond ring. I was told to register the ring online. I have to pay $119 a year to register this ring.

I bought a diamond ring. I paid 64.99 for a 2 year care plan. In order to register the ring I have to download a site, Doc something or other, which I will have to pay 119.00 a year. This is crazy


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  1. Hi jonano,

    Welcome to the MySears Community!

    Please keep us posted on how this worked for you, for as BigMike4511 indicated, it could be that you need to download Adobe!

    Thank you!

  2. I would bet that they are using Adobe Acrobat, and you have gone to a link to purchase, (or rent) the program. You can download Adobe Reader (which will open the DOC files) for free at the Adobe site

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