I pre-ordered the Playstation 4 on July 1st did not get my system. They tell me they are out of stock at the warehouse. Yet they can’t tell me why my local store had 7 to sell when they opened on the 15th. Why would stores be getting any if they did not ship systems out to the people that ordered them well in advance. Now they mess up and can’t provide any update at all? I mean really…. I am beyond mad I already have 3 games and a controller at my house ready to play because I had the system preordered and now no system. We deserve answers and because we didn’t get our system should get something free or a large discount on something in my mind to make this right!


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  1. Worst part about all this is that no one can give me any answers they just keep saying give us 24-48 hours and we will email you haha great its now going on 72 hours and still nothing.... really happy with my choice to per order the system from here NOT!!!!

  2. i agree, they are beyond incompetent. All they can say is sorry for inconvenience and it is beyond their control. Of course its within their control, dont sell things you dont have and mislead people. No cancel notice until months after ordering. They advised they would take 5% off this item when it becomes available but even had to fight for that measly offer. God knows when they will even have it. HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!

    1. In response to nvd113

      I know they said the cancellation was not correct and they are going to still
      Process the pre ordered systems but still I didn't pre order it to get it weeks or months after it comes out!

  3. Hi davis8604!

    We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us on this issue.

    Your concerns have been forwarded!

    Thank you!

    1. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      Worst service in my whole life!!!!!!

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