I purchased a 10 ft. offset umbrella 3 months ago from k-mart here in chico,calif. It broke already,and I need to know how to get a new one,a person will have to come out and retrieve the old one,and give me a new one. Please e-mail me with this information. Betti James ( I would appreciate a quick response!


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  1. Hi james15! You will want to reach out to the Kmart or Sears Customer service team to see about this return. I don't know if they will send someone out to pick it up, but you can discuss your thoughts with them. Copy and paste this link to connect with them:

      • San Jose, CA

    Was the umbrella left "open" overnight?

    That's a great way to loose a glass table top that "holds" an umbrella through a hole in the center of the table.

    A local Home Despot store left one of their display umbrellas open overnight and wind from a storm just picked up the umbrella and deposited it several hundred feet down the yonder railroad track.

    Oh... You are going to have to REALLY discount THIS umbrella...

  2. Even if the umbrella is under warranty, you would be responsible for returning it. No company will send someone out to do the exchange.

    You may want to contact the manufacturer to see if there is warranty coverage, because I believe you are well past the return window