I purchased a Craftsman model 917-374551 which was your top of the line mower and have had problems with it since I purchased this one. It has spent more time in the repair shop than cutting my lawn yet I can not get it replaced. I even got the warranty from Sears, all I get is the run around. Why has Sears stopped standing behind their products?

The first several times the techs said it was related to the carborator, even rebuilt it, but this last time after they screwed up and my mower sat in the shop for over a month before it was even sent out for repair they said it was just bad gas and returned it without doing anything. This almost ended with an altercation in the repair shop due to a manager who would not let me file a onsite complaint.


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  1. Beyond your problems with Sears and their techs, is there anything we can do in this forum to help you get your mower operational again?
    I don't work for Sears, but do my share of repairs on, not just Sears products, but a number of others too.

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    There is a gas additive product, called Sea Foam, that both conditions the fuel and has a cleaning action that you may find useful for running your mower.

    This stuff is recommended quite often over on the Craftsman Community site.

    Does Texas have ethylene additives, like California does? That stuff "eats" weed-wacker fuel lines.

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    So. The repair center got your mower to "run" after cleaning and purging the fuel system from the gas tank to and including a cleaning of your mowers carburetor?

    If bad gas was the sole problem, your mower should be purring like a kitten (roaring like a lion?) by now.

    How does it run with new gas in it?

  2. Well, well, it looks like Sears can't keep the negative posts from happening. Welcome to the club! You are not alone in your frustration. There were alot of posts online with similar stories or nightmares about Sears and their attitude towards their customer. Because Sears didn't like the fact that we were all being honest about the way we were being treated. They want you to buy their product and then just disappear. Oh and buy their expensive warranty, but don't use it. I think it says alot about Sears when they just cancel all of our entries just because they don't like them. If they cared they would have gotten online and found out what the problem was and try to remedy it. Not Sears they rather throw you under the bus!