i purchased a microwave 6 months ago and yesterday the rotator stopped working. been trying to call the store we purchased it from but no one is answering. can’t find the receipt. can we exchange it for a new one?


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  1. When you purchased the microwave, you were asked for a phone number and your name. Your purchase was registered in Sears' national repair database. If it's a countertop microwave, you can bring it to your nearest Sears repair center for warranty service (they may repair or replace, depending on which is more economically reasonable). If it's a microwave-hood combination, you can call 800 469 4663 to have a Sears technician take care of the issue in your home. In either case, your receipt is not necessary. Good luck!

  2. Hi, a.kay. Did you use your Shop Your Way Rewards Account when making the purchase? Do you know the brand and model number of the microwave? We will be happy to help you research this further.

      • San Jose, CA

    What worked for us was taking out the glass plate and the little wheeled rotator and cleaning the track the wheels rotate in and making sure the wheels are all turning freely on the rotator cage deal.

    That little step added years of life to our microwave.

    Good luck.

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